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Envirowarm Services Ltd 4KW PV System In Cottingham East Yorkshire

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The Technology

Solar Photovoltaic panels, or Solar PV panels, is a technology in which daylight is converted into electricity which is then used to power homes and businesses. It uses energy from the sun to create electricity that will operate electrical appliances and lighting.

The system allows for excess electricity generated to be sold back to the electricity grid or stored in batteries for off the grid areas. Solar PV panels work well in both urban and rural areas. They are also capable of generating electricity on cloudy days as they only need daylight to work, not necessarily sunlight.

Solar PV reduces usage of fossil fuels and housing carbon emissions. The panels produce green energy that will significantly reduce the cost of energy bills and provides independence from energy providers.

The use of photovoltaic can generate revenue as power that is generated and not used can be sold back to the electricity grid through the UK Feed in Tariff.

Find out...

How the Ideal photovoltaic solar system works
On and off the grid solar PV solutions
Ideal photovoltaic collectors and accessories
Technical specifications
How to order Ideal photovoltaic

Ideal PV solar system

A solar photovoltaic panel is made up of a number of cells wired together (PV module) which convert energy gathered from sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.
A PV cell consists of two thin layers of semi-conducting materials (generally silicon). When sunlight shines on the PV cell it knocks electrons from the orbits of the semi-conductor in sufficient numbers to generate direct current electricity.
With the aid of an Inverter, direct current electricity is converted into alternating current (AC) power. Alternating current is the type of electricity required to run electrical appliances in the home.
On and off the grid solar photovoltaic solutions

On the grid solar PV systems are the most common type of installation. In the case of on the grid installations the electricity produced during the day is used by the property with the excess being sold back to the utility provider. At night, electricity is supplied via the normal utility grid system.

Main components:

PV Array (several PV modules)
Mounting system
DC isolator and cabling
AC isolator and cabling
AC/DC Inverter
We are also able to cater for off-grid installations if required.

Ideal photovoltaic collectors and accessories

PV collector 200 and 205 Wp

These photovoltaic modules are first class and surpass all the quality standards in European markets. The high efficiency multicrystalline solar modules on a six inch wafer base are manufactured exclusively using the very latest equipment. Innovative testing ensures exact technical performance data for each individual module.

The solar modules with power of 200 and 205 Wp are delivered with aluminum frames and junctions. A Tyco junction box is fixed as standard. Only top-quality solar modules leave the production line. These solar modules, designed for high output of power and profit, are mainly used in systems coupled with on grid systems.

Photovoltaic accessories

AC/DC Inverter
Grid tied and off the Grid options

An AC/DC inverter converts direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) grid compliant power. The inverter is available in various outputs and is a very flexible option which can be installed indoor and outdoors.

AC/DC Isolators

AC and DC isolators are available to suit all system sizes. The isolators we supply have an IP66/67 rating which means it's one of the safest devices on the market. The isolators are supplied in insulated enclosures with the operational currents ranging from 16 to 64 amps and voltages ranging from 450 to 800.

Solar PV Meter

We can supply both single phase and three phase k/w input meters.

These basic monitoring systems show the amount of electricity consumed and exported to the grid. The more advanced monitoring systems show consumption by unit and value and have wireless communication with up to 12 inverters via Bluetooth, audio alarm, USB port for which enable easy data transfer to laptops and computers.

These products are available to special order.

Technical specifications

Model   TSPV 200 PE TSPV 205 PE
Size Pmpp (WP) 200 205
Umpp (V) 26.24 26.52
Impp (A) 7.63 7.76
UOC (V) 32.89 33.08
ISC (A) 8.02 8.26
54 Multi-crystalline cells 156mm x 156mm
Dimensions 1507mm x 992mm x 33mm (h w d)
Weight 16kg
Performance and Installation Tyco-Solarlok" (max system voltage) 1000 V DC
Power tolerance (± 3%)*
Temperature coefficients Pmpp = 0.43% UOC = 116.1mV/K ISC = +4.40 mA/K
Standard test conditions (STC) AM 1.5 / 1000 W pro m3 / 25OC
Ambient temperature +85OC bis -40OC
How to order Ideal Photovoltaic

Selecting your PV solar system

We have taken the headache away from specifying the right solar PV system thanks to a series of pre-prepared packs with all the key components needed to achieve a quick and straightforward installation.

By giving us some information about roof area and roof type as well as the orientation we are able to size up the maximum amount of PV modules that can be fitted to the roof. Selection can then be made from the various PV Packs available to match available space.

Ideal solar PV is available in a choice of various kW output packs to suit your individual requirements. Components are also available to order separately if needed.

A typical 2kW pack consists of the following:

10 modules (200W)
One Single phase inverter  One AC isolator
One single phase kw meter  Cable and connections

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