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Underfloor Heating

Envirowarm design and supply high quality warm water underfloor heating systems suitable for all types of property. Underfloor heating systems can be easily linked into any heat source including your existing heating system, a new gas heating system, or renewable energy systems such as ground / air source heat pumps and solar panels.

Out of Sight

Underfloor heating systems are completely hidden except for the room thermostat. You have no radiators to decorate or arrange your furniture around, offering you total design freedom.


For the same comfort level the room air temperature can be 2°C lower because radiant heat warms the surfaces rather than the air around the surfaces. This means you feel more comfortable. The lower temperature means less fuel is consumed and the system is more economical, saving you money every year.

Consultancy Service

We offer advice and consultancy, and installation services on projects of all sizes, including new builds or smaller projects involving a new kitchen or conservatory which are often ideal for underfloor heating. For bathrooms we can combine your underfloor system with radiators and towel rails.

Buy with Confidence

As a leading supplier you can be confident that our underfloor heating systems are designed to comply with all the relevant floor heating regulations and UK and European standards. Our systems are compatible with virtually all types of floor finsh and construction method.



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